We are good at helping companies introduce marketing technology (Martech) to improve operational efficiency. Through content marketing, SEO optimization, chatbot, Newsletter marketing, advertising optimization, social network management, marketing automation ,and marketing funnel optimization, we have assisted many large enterprises to achieve rapid growth in performance based on HubSpot CRM !!

Help companies to build a new CRM focus marketing management model in the digital era - Hubline: HubSpot + Line

Hubline was created by the same team as Tenten.co who has experience in building many large websites. We worked closely with the HubSpot engineering team to combine  Line integration solutions with HubSpot to create an enterprise-level product.

Martech (Marketing Technology): Tenten represents many of the fastest growing and most ambitious Martech companies in the world, such as HubSpot, MailChimp, ManyChat, TypeForm, Videoask, and User.com .

Software Development (Product): We specialize in conjunction UX and product development, creating Headless Solution based on Vercel/ Netlify/ ContentFul/ DirectUs through React.js . We assist entrepreneurs to create MVP verification ideas service-TF10 .

Website and E-commerce Development: As the top partner of WordPress VIP/ Shopify/ HubSpot/ Webflow, Tenten not just ensures your website to follow standards of the top websites in North American market but also lets you create a high-traffic website and amazing SEO performance with Google Core Web Vitals Optimization Service!

No-Code (No-Code Development Service)
: We are the first no-code company in Taiwan to provide No-Code Stack services, and specialize Webflow, Zapier, Integromat, n8n.io, Xano, Bubble, Retool ... etc.

Marketing automation + user experience

It is our belief to create excellent product experience and growth hackers. At Tenten, these values ​​influence every decision we make.
Whether you are a member of a marketing, sales or customer service team, Line is one of the most effective channels for interacting with users in Taiwan.
Marketer can increase conversion rates by 21% through automated marketing. Combining the powerful functions of HubSpot CRM and Line, it sends promotional information to customers at the right time.
Hubline only needs to use HubSpot automation tools to add Line messages to the workflow, which achieves a return on investment of at least 120%+ efficiency.
Use HubSpot smart lists to segment customers: the smarter your list is, the more attractive messages you send.
Send and receive messages directly from your contact. Manage your inbox and track users. Sales, marketing and customer service teams can all participate together.
Build your first Line x HubSpot automated robot process through a 30-minute free consultation. You can enjoy another discount if you order for one year.
Start building your Line@ marketing robot now and unleash the marketing potential of the world’s strongest marketing automation/ CRM tool-HubSpot
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